Proposals and Review Process


The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) accepts research proposals in a variety of ways. The preferred method for receiving proposals is through the Saskatchewan Agriculture Development Fund (ADF). ADF puts out a call for Letters of Intent due April 15 of each year, with funding decisions finalized in the fall/winter of each year.

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We may also accept proposals through other funding agencies or groups in Western Canada. If proposals are within the priority areas identified by Sask Wheat, and have a clear benefit to Saskatchewan wheat producers, they will be considered for funding.

Review Process

Once a proposal is received, it will be reviewed by the Research Program Manager and the Board of Directors to determine its fit within strategic priority areas, scientific merit, benefit to producers and perceived return on investment. Industry experts may be called upon to act as advisors where appropriate. Following this, the Board of Directors will make funding decisions.

If you have a research proposal that you feel aligns with Sask Wheat’s strategic priorities and would benefit Saskatchewan wheat producers, please contact Sask Wheat’s Research Program Manager.

Blair Goldade
Research Program Manager

Maximum Allowable Overhead Policy

The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission maximum allowable rate for overhead on direct costs of research is set at 15%.

Latest Research

TOR signaling targets to improve photosynthetic efficiency in wheat

The researchers intend to develop new innovative tools and gene targets functioning in photosynthetic efficiency, which will help and benefit Canadian wheat breeding efforts to improve yield in this crop.

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