Fusarium Resources

Risk Assessment Maps

The FHB Risk Maps run from early June to late July each year. Please check this page again in 2019 for the maps.


Fusarium Management Guide

Use the Sask Wheat Fusarium Management Guide below to help manage the fusarium risk in your crops. Click on the image to open the guide (PDF – 2 MB)


Day-by-day guide for assessing risk


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When to spray

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Assessing fusarium head blight risk in Saskatchewan

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For a full list of considerations, and for more information about fusarium in Saskatchewan, please visit the Saskatchewan Agriculture website.

2018 Guide to Crop Protection


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The Guide to Crop Protection, produced by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, provides information on the use of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for control of weeds, plant diseases and insects. This publication is only a guide. Always refer to the product label for application details and precautions.





To help keep marketing options open and maximize return on investment, Cereals Canada recommends growers use practices such as applying a fungicide when there is an elevated FHB risk to manage the disease and to reduce the presence of FHB on seed. It is important to only apply fungicides registered for the crop and to apply according to the instructions on the label. 

Go to KeepingItClean.ca for more information.



Latest Research

Crop response to foliar applied phosphorus fertilizers

Recent have evaluated crop responses to granular phosphorus fertilizer placed in the seed-row, as well as banded, and broadcast. However, few, if any studies have evaluated the efficiency and fate of foliar applied P fertilizers under western Canadian conditions in the field.

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