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Jan 2014

Wheat and barley commissions elect executives

The Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (SWDC) and the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (SBDC) are pleased to announce the election of Chairs and Vice Chairs of their first producer elected Boards of Directors.

Cam Goff of Hanley has been elected Chair of the Sask Barley Commission Board and Jason Skotheim of Spruce Home will serve as Vice Chair.

Bill Gehl of Regina has been elected Chair of the Sask Wheat Commission Board and Rod Flaman of Edenwold will serve as Vice Chair.

Seven producers were elected to the SWDC Board and six were elected to the SBDC Board in the commissions' first director elections in December 2013. All directors assumed their responsibilities following the Annual General Meetings of the two commissions on Monday, January 13, 2014 in Saskatoon.

Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission
Chair: Cam Goff, Hanley, 306‐222‐3514
Vice Chair: Jason Skotheim, Spruce Home
Directors: Zenneth Faye, Foam Lake
Brent Johnson, Strasbourg
Allen Kuhlmann, Vanguard
Jeff Mathieson, Regina

Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission
Chair: Bill Gehl, Regina, 306‐537‐3899
Vice Chair: Rod Flaman, Edenwold
Directors: Glenn Tait, Meota
Ken Rosaasen, Saskatoon
Dan Danielson, Saskatoon
Bill Rosher, Kindersley
Laura Reiter, Radisson

The Ministry of Agriculture formally announced the establishment of the SWDC and SBDC on June 20, 2013. The commissions, which are producer‐elected and directed, will ensure producers have the resources, leadership and provincial, national and international representation to strengthen Saskatchewan's competitive
advantage and to ensure producers' and Saskatchewan's interests are protected. Check‐off dollars administered by the commissions will go toward research and market development initiatives that improve wheat and barley varieties, grow their marketability and provide higher value to producers.

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