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Aug 2018

AWC and Sask Wheat announce more than $1.6 million in combined research funding


(Calgary, Alberta) August 23, 2018 – The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) and Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat) are pleased to announce combined funding of more than $1.6 million over three years in innovative wheat research aimed at improving wheat production and outcomes for farmers.

The commissions are funding this research through the Ag Funding Consortium (AFC), a partnership of 13 organizations established to create a one-window approach for agricultural research and development funding in Alberta. 

Some of the highlights of these projects include stripe rust surveillance to improve resistance in regional wheat varieties, developing a reliable method of gene editing in wheat that could simplify the breeding process, and improving nitrogen (N) use efficiency in Canadian wheat, among several other cutting-edge topics.

“Investment in wheat research remains our highest priority,” said Kevin Bender, AWC Chair. “Putting check-off dollars into innovation helps ensure farmers continue to have access to the best methods and results possible, ultimately resulting in better returns.”

“These projects have the potential to bring major benefits to farmers across Western Canada,” said Sask Wheat Chair Laura Reiter. “We’re proud to partner with the Alberta Wheat Commission to invest on behalf of farmers in projects which will lead to improved wheat varieties and agronomic practices.”

A full listing of the projects being funded is in the backgrounder below. AWC and Sask Wheat look forward to providing project summaries and updates as they become available.

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Media Contacts:

Victoria Decker
Communications Manager
Alberta Wheat Commission

Dallas Carpenter
Communications Manager 
Sask Wheat




Project: An efficient system to identify virulence patterns of stripe rust in Canada

Principal Investigator: Dr. Reem Aboukhaddour (AAFC)

AWC investment: $61,500

Sask Wheat Investment: $67,650


Project: A Comparative Genomics Approach to Improve Doubled Haploid Breeding for Common and Durum Wheat

Principal Investigator: Dr. John Laurie

AWC investment: $150,000

Sask Wheat Investment: $66,000


Project: Precision breeding in wheat mediated by engineered haploid inducers

Principal Investigator: Dr. John Laurie

AWC Investment: $100,000

Sask Wheat Investment: $110,000


Project: Genetics and Improvement of Earliness in Canadian Spring Wheat

Principal Investigator: Dr. Dean Spaner

AWC Investment: $200,000

Sask Wheat Investment: $150,000


Project: Breeding spring wheat for improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency and associated traits

Principal Investigator: Dr. Dean Spaner

AWC Investment: $200,000


Project: Revisiting the value of early fungicide applications in wheat

Principal Investigator: Dr. Sheri Strydhorst

AWC Investment: $48,770

Sask Wheat Investment: $112,171


Project: Nitrogen Fixation in Triticale and Wheat

Principal Investigator: Dr. Alicja Ziemienowicz

AWC Investment: $120,000

Sask Wheat Investment: $260,000


Latest Research

Input Study: Intensive Wheat Management

The aim of this project is to develop an improved knowledge base about wheat management that will enable growers to take full advantage of both the genetic potential of this crop while optimizing other management practices.

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