Sep 2017

Weather extremes highlight benefits of crop research

From The Western Producer:

If ever there was a question about the value of research and development in crop production, this year answered it with a resounding affirmative.

Residual moisture from previous years was critical for many in the central and southern Prairies, but so too were advances in crop varieties and minimum and zero tillage.

Nothing could prevent serious yield loss in bone dry regions, but in many areas that were dry but not parched, farmers are shaking their heads and smiling as they watch combine yield monitors in fields they had little hope for in July.

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Latest Research

Developing a soil health assessment protocol for Saskatchewan producers

The main objectives of this project are to identify the soil properties that best characterize soil health in the semi-arid prairies; to quantify the effects of medium and long-term agricultural management (tillage system, crop rotation) on soil health; and to develop a new producer-oriented manual (soil health assessment protocol) for measuring soil health in Saskatchewan. The proposed project will fill this gap by developing Saskatchewan’s first soil health testing protocol.

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