Aug 2015

Unwanted agricultural pesticides and livestock/equine medications?

Producers can safely dispose of their unwanted or obsolete pesticide and livestock medications, at no charge, from October 5-9, 2015, at locations across the province. 

A full list of collection sites is available on the CleanFARMS website.

For more information, please call CleanFARMS at 1-877-622-4460
or visit

Latest Research

Marker assisted pyramiding of pleiotropic and novel resistance loci to stripe and other rust diseases in adapted CWRS wheat

This research builds on the findings from previous projects on identification of novel quantitative rust resistant gene(s) for leaf, stem and stripe rust. The main focus is to stack those resistant genes identified individually for major rust diseases in to a single genotype, with the aid of markers to obtain enhanced and durable resistance to more than one fungal disease species including the aggressive strains of stripe rust and new Ug99 races of stem rust.

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