Apr 2018

Saskatchewan Grain Bag Recycling Program

Funding for the 2018 Cleanfarms grain bag recycling program has been provided, in part, by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Agriculture through the federal-provincial Growing Forward 2 initiative.

Farmers drop off clean, rolled grain bags at the nearest collection site at no charge. After the grain bags are collected and processed, they are recycled into new products, such as garbage bags.

Please note that this program targets grain bags only. Net wrap, silage tarps, bale wrap and twine will not be accepted at this time

Saskatchewan farmers have clearly embraced grain bag recycling. More than 4 million kilograms have been collected through various pilot programs that have been available since 2011. Cleanfarms is looking forward to seeing this figure grow as the program expands across the province.

For more information on the program, including collection site locations and preparation steps, please click here.

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