Feb 2015

Proposed changes to wheat classes include creation of a new milling wheat category

By: RealAgriculture.Com

The Canadian Grain Commission is considering making changes to Canada’s wheat classification system, including the creation of a new class of milling wheat with lower gluten strength.

The CGC says it is seeking input on a proposal that would tighten the parameters for the Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) and Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) classes to “strengthen its quality and consistency and ensure new varieties meet requirements for milling performance, dough strength, protein quantity, and end product quality.”

Wheat varieties that have good milling qualities, but weaker gluten strength would fall into a new class. The proposal states Faller (a U.S. variety), Unity (current CWRS variety), and AC Foremost (current CPSR variety) would serve as the initial check varieties ...

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