May 2017

Producer coalition seeks extension of Bill C-30

The producer coalition made up of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission (Sask Wheat), the Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan (APAS), and the Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission (Sask Barley), is calling on the federal government to extend the provisions in Bill C-30, the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act, past the August 1, 2017 expiration date should new legislation on the transportation of grain not be passed prior to the House of Commons rising in June.

To read the full letter, please CLICK HERE.

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Augmenting the plant metagenome to improve crop yield and stress resilience

The goal of this Plant Microbiome (PLM) research project is to develop breakthrough microbial products to address the significant need for improved yield, water use efficiency, and heat-stress tolerance in major Canadian and global crops.

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