Jul 2015

Presentations & videos from the 2015 Farmers' Forum on Transportation available online


Setting the Stage, Producer Coalition: Historic Context of grain transportation & how we arrived in the current dilemma
Producer Coalition, presentation pdf


Steve McLellan, CEO, SK Chamber: “The Impact of Rail Access on Saskatchewan Export Potential”
Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Presentation pdf


Murad Al-Katib, CTA Review: “Grain Transportation: Canada’s Place as a World Leader Today and in the Future”
Canadian Transportation Act Review Update Presentation pdf

Summary video


Mary-Jane Bennet, Frontier Center for Public Policy: "Does more regulation move grain?"
Summary video


Mark Hemmes, Quorum Corporation: “Canada’s Western GHTS – A Review of the Last Two Years”
Quorum, Presentation pdf

Summary video


Terry Whiteside, Whiteside & Associates, Montana: “The US Railroad Regulation Experience and Future Changes”
Whiteside & Associate, Presentation pdf

Summary video


Dr. Richard Gray, U of S: “Grain Export Basis: What's at Stake for Producers Going Forward”
University of Saskatchewan, Presentation pdf


John Edsforth, Travacon Research Ltd: Costing Review – Is it time?
Travacon Research, presentation pdf

Summary video


Dale McKeague, CTA:” Facts and Myths: Understanding the Maximum Revenue Entitlement Program for Western Grain”
Canadian Transportation Agency, presentation pdf

Summary video


Greg Northey, Ag Transport Coalition: “CTA Review: Recommendations for a more balanced legislative approach”
Canadian Transprotation Act Review, presentation pdf

Summary Recommendations from the CTA Review Coalition Document

Summary video


Ag Producer Coalition: Our Recommendations to the CTA – Did we get it right?
Our Recommendations to the CTA, presentation pdf

Latest Research

Increasing wheat protein with a post-anthesis application of UAN

The main focus of this trial is to demonstrate the potential of post-anthesis application of UAN to increase wheat grain protein.

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