Saskatchewan Variety Performance Group (SVPG) 2018 wheat enhancement/extra data

  • Term: 1 year, beginning in 2018
  • Funding Amount: $ 69,138
  • Lead Researcher(s): Mitchell Japp (Ministry of Agriculture)
  • Funding Partners: N/A

Project Description:

The Saskatchewan Variety Performance Group (SVPG) is an informal group made up of stakeholders who are interested in variety performance testing in Saskatchewan. SVPG has coordinated the post-registration regional performance testing of spring wheat and durum, barley, oats and flax varieties since 2006. The data collected from these trials is entered into annual publications Varieties of Grain Crops and SaskSeed Guide. In this project, SVPG is collecting additional data in the variety performance trials on priority traits including maturity, height, lodging, test weight, thousand kernel weight and wheat midge, to enhance the available data set and to provide farmers with more productive information on farming decisions.

Latest Research

Effects of vertical tillage on soil structure and crop yields in southern Saskatchewan

Vertical tillage has become common in Southern Saskatchewan because of producer concerns about wet soils in the spring and high amounts of crop residues to manage. However, there is a lack of information available on the effects of vertical tillage in soils with contrasting soil water conditions, and there is no information available on the vertical tillage effects in southern Saskatchewan.

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