Feb 2019

2019 Soil Management and Sustainability Summit

The 2019 Soil Management and Sustainability Summit is February 26, 2019 at TCU Place in Saskatoon.


Growers, agronomists, crop scientists and leading industry professionals will share strategies and solutions needed to create the perfect environment for what top crop producers so proudly grow.

Experts from across Canada and the United States will cover such topics as precision farming and equipment management, soil health, intercropping, cover crops and soil fertility management. Delegates will walk away with specific actions and solid ideas to help keep their growing environment in top form.


For more information and to register, please go to the Soil Management and Sustainability Summit website.

Latest Research

Assessment and deployment of a new dwarfing gene in red spring wheat

This project focuses on evaluation of CWRS wheat lines introgressed with dwarfing gene Rht18 from durum in the CDC Bread Wheat Program, for any deleterious effects on agronomic and end use quality traits.

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