• Job Opportunity: Clerical Assistant

    The Clerical Assistant reports to the Office Administrator and is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day administrative activities of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission as well as providing administrative support to the other management staff.

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  • Innovations in wheat expected from cross-country funding collaboration

    Canadian wheat farmers will see significant benefits through the newly announced Canadian National Wheat Cluster. Worth nearly $25 million over five years, projects funded through the Wheat Cluster address common issues that farmers face and will lead to improved varieties and agronomic practices.

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  • Cereal commissions call for changes in value creation consultations

    Western Canadian cereal commissions including the barley, oat and wheat commissions from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are calling for major changes in the Government of Canada’s current consultation process on value creation. In a letter to federal agriculture minister Lawrence MacAulay, the commissions say the likelihood of an industry wide agreement on either of the proposed models is low and are asking for more consultation including consideration of other options. Further consultations must focus on engaging producers with a new value proposition.

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Latest Newsletter

The Wheat Field November 2018


  • NE Sask Spot
  • 1 CWRS 13.5 $6.75/bu
  • 1 CWAD 13.0 $6.53/bu
  • 1 CPSR 11.5 $5.97/bu
  • NW Sask Spot
  • 1 CWRS 13.5 $6.98/bu
  • 1 CWAD 13.0 $6.26/bu
  • 1 CPSR 11.5 $6.27/bu
  • SE Sask Spot
  • 1 CWRS 13.5 $6.69/bu
  • 1 CWAD 13.0 $6.53/bu
  • 1 CPSR 11.5 $5.89/bu
  • SW Sask Spot
  • 1 CWRS 13.5 $6.86/bu
  • 1 CWAD 13.0 $6.25/bu
  • 1 CPSR 11.5 $5.95/bu
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Latest Research

New sources of resistance to fusarium head blight in spring wheat

The objectives of this project are to identify wheat germplasm with new sources of fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance by screening a world collection of Triticum aestivum accessions, and to identify novel alleles for FHB resistance from a synthetic hexaploidy wheat population.

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