• Producers needed for FHB risk assessment project

    The University of Manitoba is leading a fusarium head blight (FHB) risk assessment project across the three prairie provinces. The major goal of this project is to develop a standardized, weather-based method for reliably predicting FHB and mycotoxin (DON) accumulation across all three prairie provinces.

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  • USask crop scientists help crack the durum wheat genome

    “This is an exciting development for durum farmers as it will mean wheat breeders will be able to produce varieties with improved yields and resistance to disease, pests, and environmental stressors quicker than before,” said Laura Reiter, Chair of the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission board of directors, who farms near Radisson, Saskatchewan.

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  • Seed variety trials deliver valuable information to Saskatchewan producers

    To provide Saskatchewan farmers with unbiased data, the Saskatchewan Variety Performance Group (SVPG) was formed to test and report on commercially available varieties of cereal crops and flax.

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The Wheat Field March 2019


  • NE Sask Spot
  • 1 CWRS 13.5 $6.44/bu
  • 1 CWAD 13.0 $6.49/bu
  • 1 CPSR 11.5 $5.88/bu
  • NW Sask Spot
  • 1 CWRS 13.5 $6.69/bu
  • 1 CWAD 13.0 $6.44/bu
  • 1 CPSR 11.5 $6.03/bu
  • SE Sask Spot
  • 1 CWRS 13.5 $6.43/bu
  • 1 CWAD 13.0 $6.58/bu
  • 1 CPSR 11.5 $5.86/bu
  • SW Sask Spot
  • 1 CWRS 13.5 $6.59/bu
  • 1 CWAD 13.0 $6.46/bu
  • 1 CPSR 11.5 $5.96/bu
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Latest Research

Research and development for durum wheat

This research intends to facilitate the breeding and development of pedigreed seed of improved varieties of Canada Western Amber Durum. The project is intended to support the development of the various traits and qualities of durum under development by this breeding program using genomic and phenomic tools.

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